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Patient and Relative Area

The following articles and links are hoped to be of use to those patients and their loved ones that have survived a period of critical illness and are looking to learn more about their illness or share their experiences.

If you would like to contribute to this part of the i-canuk website or would like to give the team at i-canuk feedback as to what would be useful to include and cover, then please do not hesitate to contact us  

Patient Forum

This is available at the ICUsteps website - a place to share your thoughts and ideas with other former intensive care patients and their families

Rough Guide to ICU

This resource provides a comprehensive guide to many aspects of the ICU experience.
Topics covered include:


Healthtalkonline is the award-winning website of the DIPEx charity and replaces the website formerly at Healthtalkonline lets you share in more than 2,000 people's experiences of health and illness. You can watch or listen to videos of the interviews, read about people's experiences and find reliable information about conditions, treatment choices and support. The experiences of people who have experienced critical illness are available on the site. A must read.

The Intensive Care Society and realtives

The patients and relatives section of the Intensive Care Society's website aims to provide information for patients and relatives in a way that is helpful, concise and relevant to each step of a patient's treatment and recovery from critical illness.

The Patients Association

The Patients Association is a charitable organisation providing patients with an opportunity to raise concerns and share experiences of healthcare.


The Road to Recovery
Real Life Case Studies

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